Oozing in at 6 foot and weighting aaarrrooouuunnnndddd 234 to 148 pounds and ripe fully aged in his 30’s.  Bow Flexing out, skating, online game domination, extreme dieting, Nissan-human Altima’s, Lil Jerry, Stark Ville, the “Winona”, Face down movie viewing, Money by the pound (as in careless spending), Iphone not ringtone, stealth, sushi, Payroll Clerker of altered positions – ALL THIS AND MORE AWAITS YOU!!!!!!


Welcome to the headquarters of DB – Dani Boi and that of!

It’s an honor to meet people at work that turn out to have the same common interest as you and over time developed a friendship that carries you through the ‘heaviness’ of the day.  With DB, its a unique blessing for me and I want to pass on that blessing to you.  His spendings, fast cars, alcohol binges, and game playens are among the many entertaining adventures in store here at DBHQ.  Please read, laugh, scratch your head, read again, laugh, and share with a friend or 187!

A brief history started with Marti Boi getting an assistant. This magical moment marked the birth of DB, for it wasnt long until this “creepy old little man” started the laughs rolling in via living with mom at 31, sneaking in friends after mean ole mom went to bed, and absolutely no alcohol in the house.  Soon after the Super Bowl that would never be forgotten in which 75 Kamikaze Shots were downed only to create a chipper and fully functional DB the following Monday!!!!

Tragically Marti Boi left the Johnni Boi and Richard Simmons Elite Industry in late 2007 but not before establishing an unforeseen bond between ME and DB.  That’s right over the course of time many, many DBU’s would be shared.  At first they were slow and manual in the form of him telling me this and that but through time and the ‘art of coaxing’ the emails flooded in and the DBU (Dani Boi Update) was born and adored or rather enjoyed by all.

I have posted the cro-DBU’s (”old”) first and newer ones after.  Unfortunately Outlook puts email is a descending order so each DBU should be read from bottom to top in order to enjoy it in its natural beauty. The identities of those involved are changed or disguised to ensure no embarrassment or harm be taken. Please comment and share the site with friends, family, co-workers, enemies, brothers, sisters, Jarvi etc. ENJOY!!!!!